Prof. Vuk Bogdanović, PhD

During the year of 2017 Novi Sad started the processes related to the realization of the project Smart City. The activities of the project SMART PLAN were primarily directed to smart mobility, which represents one of six basic characteristics of the smart city. Within the first phase of the project, many research studies were conducted resulting in data on mobility, public transport system, traffic conditions, parking and traffic safety. After the research results processing, data bases were formed which were the starting point for further steps in the project realization. By means of the comparative analysis of different data from the formed bases, different indicators were determined to be the basis for the assessment of the current state and travel matrices were formed. Based on the results of the first phase of the project, taking into consideration spatial, social, economic and demographic characteristics, the travel model on the territory of the town of Novi Sad was formed. The basis of the new traffic model was the previously formed transport model within the project NOSTRAM, which was done by the town of Novi Sad in the previous decade. The formed transport model served for testing all planned infrastructure interventions  and activities in the street network, defined within the existing planning documentations, as well as other proposed measures of traffic policy in short-termed, mid-termed and long-termed period, after the year of 2017. After the conducted analyses, the action plan was proposed for conducting the proposed activities on the realization of plans and measures in all areas, which would contribute to Novi Sad traffic system advancing in the spirit of sustainable mobility and smart city.