Keynote Speakers

Gradimir Stefanovic
Modernization of Tram Systems in Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC) - Key Activities

During the process of the introduction of tramways in the period 1870 -1900 some 150 cities in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and Ukraine settled their systems. The technological level of this systems are similar with a level of new tram systems introduced in Western Europe and USA. After the end of Second World War in contrast with Western European countries the mobility in public transport in CEEC continuously growth generating unbelievable amount of 600-900 rides per inhabitant per year.
After the political changes in CEEC countries in early 1990’s, significant degradation of the size and quality of operation of tram systems was happened. Many cities reduce the volume of its network, reduce the number of vehicles and quality of service. In order to prevent further degradation of tram systems in CEEC countries, International Union for public transport (UITP) during the Dresden Tram/LRT conference in 2004, adopted and signed the Dresden Declaration in order to prevent tram closures and intensive modernization of existing system. This paper presenting the activities performed by UITP Working Group for tramway modernization which are chaired and guided by author.



Mr Stefanovic was born in 1950. He started carrier in  Belgrade in 1976, after the education at Belgrade University. He worked in Belgrade Public Transport  Company (GSP)  for 10 years and moved to largest railway consultancy CIP Belgrade. From 1992 Mr Stefanovic is based in United Kingdom as independent consultant advising UK clients (Transport for London, EBRD, SDG) as well as clients abroad.
He is active member of UITP Light Rail Committee from 1978, contributing in the preparation of Committee reports and presenting his papers on UITP Congresses and Conferences. He was co-author of UITP Working group for Light Rail Guidelines and Leader of the WG for LRT Modernisation Guidelines.
Mr Stefanovic was team leader for large cities in the World Bank and TACIS project “Modernization of public transport in 14 Russian cities” carried in the period 1996-2000. He assisting European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)  in modernization of tramway in Odesa. He participated with papers in UITP conferences in Volgograd (2008) and Yalta  (2008).
Mr Stefanovic has clients in Norway, Russia, Netherland, Israel, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and India advising them in the fields of urban rail development and restructuring of transport companies and improvement of  local authorities.