Keynote Speakers

Borislav Stojkov
Mobility as a Challenge to Human City

Authors paper has comprehensive character with an attempt to embed the issue of mobility within the wider framework of the city system and within the basic concept of making city more human place to live, work and enjoy. The vision of sustainable city with smart criteria asks for reconsidering the urban system, its functioning and behavior, and for discovering the key elements that can contribute to humanity of a city. The smart mobility, as one of basic criteria for measuring the city life quality, stands as a crucial challenge of countries in transition, due to its juxtaposition with economic, social and ecological needs, concepts and objectives.



Born in Belgrade 1941, basic education in Sarajevo. BA and MA in Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade.  PhD at the University of Sarajevo. Specialization in the field of regional planning at MIT (USA), 1970/71.  Also trained in the Great Britain and Sweden.
Worked as a professor at FG from 1992 until his retirement 2009. He taught at the University of Trieste, as a lecturer at the Universities of Vienna and Dresden as a guest mentor on the master and doctoral studies. The scientific field of his expertise was Spatial Planning and the theme of the city (Urbanism).
Worked in the Town Planning Institute of Belgrade (Director of Urban Planning), as director in Invest-Bureau, as director of planning in IAUS, as assistant Minister in the Ministry of Urbanism, as a director of the Agency for Accommodating Refugees in Serbia, and as the director of the Republic Agency for Spatial Planning of Serbia.
In the scientific part of his engagement he has published more than 100 important scientific papers in the field of urban and spatial planning at home and abroad. He has published three monographs and 25 books as author or editor. The number of articles was published in scientific publications in Serbia and abroad. He was head of the scientific project Renewal of Serbian Cities, and was participant in others at the FG. He was the initiator and chief editor of the journal Territorium at the FG in Belgrade. He is a full member of the Serbian Academy of Engineering Sciences.
There are over 110 professional works in the fields of architecture, urbanism and spatial planning.
He coordinated and worked the Spatial Plan of Serbia in 1990 (up to the stage of the draft Plan), the Spatial Plan of Serbia 2010, and  the Spatial Plan of the Republic of Srpska 2015. Involved in spatial development strategies of Central and Eastern Europe: Vision Planet, ESTIA, Planet CenSE, Danube Area Study, and others.
He was member of numerous scientific and expert forums and committees. He was President of the Association of Architects of Belgrade, President of the Association of Town Planners of Serbia President of the scientific bodies at the University of Belgrade, etc. For his scientific and professional work has received numerous honors and awards in Serbia and abroad. At the international level was Coordinator of the Scientific Council of Academia Danubiana at the University of Vienna, member of INTERREG3 bodies, and one of the three coordinators of Spa.ce-Net