Keynote Speakers

Andree Woodcock
The act of being moved

Material from the former FP7 project, METPEX and the current H2020 CIVITAS SUITS project will be used to argue for the continuing need for user engagement in order to deliver sustainable, inclusive, transformative, yet context specific transport solutions. Persistent difficulties in traditional means of engaging citizens thwart many large scale schemes – meaning that transport systems are not designed with a sufficient understanding of the requirements of those who are most reliant on active and public forms of transport. As such acceptance levels and buy in may severely curtail the longevity of innovative schemes. The presentation will include case studies from across the world which illustrate how the use of empathic design, codesign and community engagement can be used to design and deliver context specific solutions, for healthy cities. It will close with an appraisal of the place for such activities in SUMPs (Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans).



My research draws on my education and personal background. My education draws on the humanities, psychology, social biology and ergonomics. This has led my research into a number of areas including inclusivity, user centred design, education, health and transport. My personal background has refined and shaped my career into looking at the needs of women, young people and more recently the elderly. I have led the recently completed FP7 METPEX project looking at multimodal, end to end traveller experiences, and am currently PI for H2020CIVITAS SUITS project looking at capacity change in local authorities developing sustainable transport measures. I also lead two other projects addressing increasing empathic design in transport (in relation to older people), and barriers to women’s mobility in Pakistan and Malaysia.