Keynote Speakers

Adam Torok
Utility Based Decision Making in Autonomus Vehicles

In his paper author investigate the moral question of autonomous vehicles’ decision.  Autonomous vehicles gathering lots of information, they are intelligent machines. Based on the gathered information and their intelligence, they are making decisions. Sometimes self-driving cars must choose the lesser of two or more evil bad options. On solution would be the rationalised autonomous vehicle, where decisions are made based on their effect on utility.



Adam Torok holds MSc in Transport Engineering since 2004 from BME and MSc in Financing Engineering since 2007 also from BME. Since 2003 he is active member of Hungarian Scientific Association of Transport. He received PhD in Transport Sciences from BME Faculty of Transport Engineering in 2008. Since 2012 he is active member of Hungarian Logistics Association. Since 2016 he also holds PhD in Business and Management from BME Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences. His research activity was awarded with János Bólyai Scholarship of Hungarian Academy of Sciences 2011-2014 and Program for New National Excellence in 2017. Number of publications: 264. Currently he is Assoc. Prof. and Vice-Dean responsible for international connection and research.