Keynote Speakers

Hanne Terbrack

Hanne Terbrack accessBerlin – New ways in accessible mobility

Antulio Richetta

Antulio Richetta Fluid Infrastructure

Fluid Infrastructure is able to intelligently and ...

Gradimir Stefanovic

Gradimir Stefanovic Modernization of Tram Systems in Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC) - Key Activities

During the process of the introduction of tramways in ...

Adam Torok

Adam Torok Utility Based Decision Making in Autonomus Vehicles

In his paper author investigate the moral question of ...

Andree Woodcock

Andree Woodcock The act of being moved

Material from the former FP7 project, METPEX and the ...

Borislav Stojkov

Borislav Stojkov Mobility as a Challenge to Human City

Authors paper has comprehensive character with an ...